Hardworking Americans are the backbone of a strong economy.  Supporting small business owners and lower taxes are very important. The current administration’s proposal for a massive tax increase will only cripple our economy further. We can create more jobs in America by supporting less corporate tax and wasteful government spending. America can and should be energy independent again if we get our country’s oil and gas industry back to work. Becoming energy independent not only puts people to work but also puts America in a strong position economically.

Election Integrity

The election process in the United States needs an overhaul. If the people of this nation can’t depend on a fair election process, then our government has failed. Every state must have voter ID laws and only citizens of this country can vote as is stated in the law. Machines that can be manipulated must be removed. Paper ballots and hand counts with oversight need to be implemented. All counts need to be done in public settings, not in private and video recording of all counts should be gathered. Each voting location needs security to ensure the integrity of the process.


Just as I will be accountable to you, I will be committed to holding all others accountable as well. The runaway spending spree in the series of bills Congress passed the last two years creates extensive damage. We must elect America First Agenda candidates – candidates who are going to serve America and do what’s best for this country. The days of establishment candidates must go. True patriots must unite together to vote these people out of office in order to affect meaningful change. It’s time elected officials are held accountable for their votes in D.C.

Vaccine Mandates

I will not support any type of lockdown, vaccine mandate, mask mandate or vaccine passport. No child or adult should be forced to take a harmful vaccine.  It is completely unconstitutional and un-American to force an experimental vaccine under EUA status in order to participate in social settings, for employment and/or to attend school. To have a National Passport Vaccine whereby the Government can further intrude on our personal lives must stop now. I will never vote to shut down your business or label you as “non-essential”.


America is the land of opportunity. Immigrants come here for the American Dream. We can welcome our legal immigrants to our Country, but sadly this is not what we are seeing at the border the last two+ years. It has been an invasion with MILLIONS crossing into our Country illegally.  We must finish the wall and go back to the previous administration’s immigration policies. Illegal immigrants have been and are being ‘relocated’ all over our Country. An unsecured border brings crime, drugs, promotes sex trafficking, exploits children and not to mention costs the American taxpayers billions of dollars. We cannot afford to provide food, healthcare and shelter to these people yet this is exactly what this failed administration is doing. Fentanyl is the leading cause of death now among young people, ages 18-45. This is due to the cartels OPENLY bringing it over the border without opposition. It is being distributed to our kids. Human trafficking is widely prevalent in this Country and the open border just gives the coyotes and cartels way too much opportunity without having law and order at the border. This must stop!

Second Amendment

I will always protect your second amendment rights and would vote to rid the Country of Red Flag laws. When the FBI started ‘labeling’ parents speaking up at School Board meetings as “domestic terrorists”, it is even more imperative we change these laws. This leaves gun owners at risk for the government to abuse their power. I believe Constitutional Carry should be the law in every State. The second amendment specifically states “the right to bear and keep arms shall not be infringed”. I would not support a national gun registry. The less government in our private lives the better.


The people of this nation owe much gratitude to our veterans, and I will work hard to provide housing for every last homeless veteran and to continue improvements in the VA system in the area of healthcare, education, and preparedness for the transition to civilian life. We need a better system in place at separation where all existing medical and service records are reviewed and our military veterans are having exit physical and mental health exams. This information could then be transferred to the VA and used to determine any disability compensation due instead of veterans having to go through the lengthy and cumbersome application process that’s currently in place. I would also seek to increase the number of mental health providers available through the VA as well as more diversity of providers in this area. Additionally, the VA will be held accountable for having complete and accurate medical records for each Veteran when requested.

Law & Order

Fund and support our law enforcement. We’ve all seen the consequences and results of defunding the police. Crime has now increased exponentially across this Country, MOSTLY in Democrat-led cities… Just in Clark County alone, murder has increased by 49% from 2020 to 2021. Sex trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry and more needs to be done to eradicate this. The penalties must be made much more extreme for the offenders. If we are not tough on crime and don’t prosecute criminals instead of letting them back out on the streets, we will never have safe communities needed for economic and job growth.


I am committed to supporting all I can to bring down healthcare costs while still maintaining coverage for pre-existing conditions. There is a huge problem and delay with insurance companies approving urgent and non-urgent procedures/drugs for insurers – they need to be held accountable. Nevada has the highest percentage of one-star acute-care hospitals of any state, the lowest rating given by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. I’d like to address federal funding needed to improve medical care, programs and hospitals in Nevada.


The laws here in Nevada make abortion legal up to 24 weeks for all women. No elected official can change that or ban abortion. In order to “ban” abortion or change the current law, it would have to be voted on by Nevada voters. I believe in the right to life for all.

Foreign Policy

I would put America first and always promote safety, prosperity, and peace throughout our world. Our continued relationship with Israel will always be of utmost importance as they are a key ally. We must always defend Israel and fight against terrorism and those who sponsor organizations of terror. It is imperative our military be a top priority and maintained as the strongest in the world so America can defend against those who seek to destroy life. Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea must be kept in check.

Term Limits

I believe career politicians are part of the problem in Washington. I don’t think our Founding Fathers ever intended for politicians to stay in office decade after decade. I would make a pledge to support term limits for all offices that don’t already have set limits. I will commit to no more than two terms.

Save Our Kids

Our Nation’s school system is indoctrinating our kids. The hyper-sexualized curriculum that is sweeping across our Country has infiltrated our kids’ schools and is disgusting and downright filthy. Way too graphic, way too soon. Our kids are being taught there are more than two genders. They are promoting drag queen shows geared for children audiences, and even reportedly holding them in local libraries on the taxpayers’ dime. In a lot of states, parents are not being informed (nor are they required to inform parents) if their child seeks medical advice/services for ‘gender affirming therapy’ or an abortion. CRT has also been made part of many public schools’ curriculum. We need to be teaching our kids all the reasons to love America, the mistakes made in the past and how to move forward in a positive way to better all of us as a people, rather than teaching them hate. Once they destroy our youth, our country will fall. They are our future and they must be protected. There is no more sitting around waiting for someone else to step up. Parents I call on you now – today – we must build an army to save our kids!

Human Trafficking

The horror of human trafficking is an epidemic that has not received enough attention from our elected officials. Penalties need to be increased and there must be a NO TOLERANCE approach towards this horrific crime. The worlds’ children are being bought, sold, exploited, abused, drugged, killed and treated as commodities instead of the most innocent among us. Our southern open border is a huge contributor to this evil practice. This needs to end! When will we stand up and say NO more? There are many courageous organizations and individuals out there in the private sector who are battling this; however, we need every single elected official across this nation to stand united against trafficking. I will make it one of my missions while in DC to unite both sides to end this tragic and horrific atrocity.


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